'Celtic Fields' – Archaeology's stepchildren
Traces of prehistoric farming in Western, Central, Eastern and Northern Europe: Overlapping and Sequences

Even if any direct dating exists, one can often place traces in laser data in a time reference to other traces, i.e. decide what is earlier and what is later. This applies quite banally to the countless modern traces: No one will be surprised if modern forest roads or motorways cut through the 'Celtic Fields' or if they end abruptly with cut plots at the present-day, mostly modern forest edge. It can be more interesting and revealing when several prehistoric or medieval tracks overlap or intersect. Here are a few examples:

'Celtic Fields' and Roman Roads/LimesDifferent 'Celtic Fields' intersecting 'Celtic Fields' and Ridge-and-Furrow Fields (special case: 'Esch fields') – 'Celtic Fields' and Longstrip Fields'Celtic Fields' and Fortifications'Celtic Fields' and Ancient Roads'Celtic Fields' and Mining Traces 'Celtic Fields' and Tumuli

Unfortunately, I am not aware of any examples of intersections of ridge-and-furrow beds and long strip fields, as these types of fields are largely mutually exclusive in their distribution. However, I have not systematically searched for them.

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